Fine Art and Good Food…..pleasures for all the senses

We decorated the beautiful white walls of the Bistro at the Amisfield Winery with 20 vibrant art works of mine at the beginning of this week, ….and I must say it looks fabulous.

The paintings look big in my small studio, but seem quite small in a big space like this. But since I often work at several paintings at the same time they seem to complement each other rather well and can be grouped together to form a diptych, triptych or quadriptych to fill a wall of any size:                   

It gave me a great sense of satisfaction seeing my works go up on the walls and take on a life of their own with the professional hanging skills of Pauline and Piedro from Art Bay Gallery



I hope this will give you an idea of what my work can look like in the environment of great architecture. And if you can’t make it there for a glass of fine wine and some good food, than this at least will give you an idea of what you could be enjoying at home.

Art Exhibition at AMISFIELD WINERY

The ‘Come Back’ of Nina Conradi:) After a period of taking a low profile in the art world and dedicating myself to exploring the great outdoors of New Zealand, upgrading skills and travel overseas…. while accumulating a few injuries, I realised that working as an artist is a far safer way to be and that I need the creative outlet for my mental balance.

I spent the last few months working in my little studio at the Wanaka Art Center getting together a large body of new works. You can view these art works under the ‘Recent Works’ tab on my website. Several of these pieces will feature in the Exhibition called:

“Transformation – Old and New”, which runs at the AMISFIELD WINERY, 10 Lake Hayes Road, Queenstown from the 16th of January till the 27th of February.

Plenty of time to pick a nice day to visit this beautiful venue –, enjoy a glass of fine wine and some good food while admiring the great art works display.

And even better, they are for sale….. you could be enjoying them all year round in the comfort of your own home:)


Nina’s  ‘Architecture Series’ is part of a continual search for beauty in things given a higher aesthetic value the older they are and the more they have been used. In the present society of throw away culture, where things don’t get repaired anymore, but replaced once they show minor insufficiencies, things don’t often get a chance anymore to age and acquire character. Anything has a story to tell, the story of their life, encounters, etc.. . Nina has a passion for old houses, has renovated many and loves discovering layer upon layer of history.

Nina’s approach is very intuitive, leaving room for things to emerge from a more distant space. She translates physical sensations into color and texture and draws from her experiences and the ever-changing colors and shapes of her environment as a great source of inspiration. Layer upon layer the painting slowly takes on a life of its own. The observer is encouraged to see rather than look, feel rather than think.

 Nina Conradi  is a contemporary abstract artist living and working in Wanaka, New Zealand. Born in Munich in 1972, Nina was raised in Germany, spend several summers doing art school residences abroad during high school years  and later studied Architecture and Art at the ‘Beaux Arts’ Academy in Paris, France. She spent her last semester of University in Cuba and then wrote her final thesis about a remote area in Fiordland, New Zealand, creating a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, a synergy of land, art and architecture, which earned her an honours degree. After a few years of travelling, mainly in Asia, Nina settled in New Zealand in 1998. She first lived in a remote place on the west coast, away from civilisation and tuning into the wonders of the natural world, than finally based herself in the beautiful sunny central Otago area. She has been living, working, creating and exhibiting locally and overseas.

Transformation Art

I just worked on some paintings which I started a few years ago. Most of my paintings grow with time and with me. It’s a layering of experiences, emotions and impressions. Very seldom I finish a painting first time round and if so I’m suspicious and find it hard to resist to overwork it. It’s like they need to gain depth of character by going through a few phases of tranformations. Often this process can take years.

This painting called ‘Approaching Front’, as in approaching weather, used to be called ‘One on One’ and told a different story than, which now features in the background and forms part of the current painting. This piece has been with me for years, and only now it reached its state of maturity. I’m really happy with it now….finally!








The left painting used to be called ‘Lepidoptera’, greek word for butterfly, but had to be renamed ‘This is a Butterfly’ as some people’s fantasies were greater than mine:) After my travels to Patagonia on my bike, which was named ‘Mariposa’, spanish for Butterfly, I reworked this painting, and it now is called ‘ Bike named “Mariposa”‘



‘Garden of Perception’ became ‘Biking changes Perception’




‘Turbidity of Matter’ became ‘Biking produces Clarity’




‘Lunar Craters’ became ‘Lunar Bike’


Portraits become Butterflies: 


A series of ‘Portraits’ transformes into Butterflies. The Portraits posted here are not necessarily the Butterfly species depicted here, as I don’t have pictures of all the Portraits and some Butterflies are still in the process of transformation.