Featured Artist in the ‘ON Magazine’ Wanaka

The Wanaka ‘On Magazine‘ is printed quarterly and taps into the cultural heartbeat of our community: events, profiles, stories, photos, art, sport, food, wine, travel and local knowledge, all wrapped up in one slick stylish and eco-friendly street zine. Best of all – it’s free! This spring edition features four local artists and I am one of them. I feel quite honored as there are so many talented people in the area. Check out: www.onmag.co.nz

Since I’m back in NZ I have been busy setting up my new studio at home, now working from my sleep out. It’s a great place, only a few kilometres from town in a small rural community with lots of inspiring people around me. It’s got great views….and I am so easy distracted!  It’s bigger but more delicate and I wont be able to splash around paint….though have to come up with a different medium and technique. I also have my property for sale……should you not be interested in art, but a beautiful place to live! It’s often the artist seeking out the beautiful places and than other people follow….and eventually it gets unaffordable for us to live! Now is a good time to buy with the market kicking back into action and properties selling fast….even in Hawea Flat! Check out my Trade Me listing now.

Please come and visit any time if you interested in viewing my art or my property. I currently have got quite a few paintings at home and offer great discounts to make some room for new creations. Nothing better than buying direct from the artist!!

And just to show you some of the great distractions of the area….collecting visual inspirations for my next series of work:

My favorite companions: