‘Ready Salted’ and other delights

The Wanaka Wearable Arts Creations Show 2012 was a huge success. With great enthusiasm, energy and effort many local artist created some amazing acts and wearable creations. ‘Wearable’ stands for any garment that can be worn, suitable for wear or able to be worn. ‘Creation’ is the act or process of creating, something that has been brought into existence or created, especially a product of human intelligence or imagination. It’s also the whole universe, including the world an all things in it, or simply an unusual or striking garment or hat.

It’s truly astonishing what materials people choose to use to create garments:

Our performance act called ‘Ready salted’, made of milk bottles, plastic cups, kebab sticks, emergency blanket and chip packs by Lorraine and Anne-Marie was mesmerizing the way it caught the light. This creation was influenced by last centuries low tech Sci-Fi movies. The music was compiled by Lorraine and was a lot of fun to move through space.

SPACE and TIME….. designed by architecture, art and dance

There has always been an enriching and inspiring exchange between the two disciplines of art and architecture. However, conflict and tension often arise when artists take on tasks in the sphere of the built world, something frequently perceived as interference within a profession, which architects all too readily claim for themselves. One of my favorite artist/architects is Maya Lin, somehow what I would call an ARTITECT, has succeeded in both disciplines and in amalgamating the two in space and time.

Architecture and art consist in space and time, while dance moves through space and time and therefor can be described as a collaborative method for an art in ‘space and time’. Now I was somewhat exited to have come across an innovative young office from Germany working with space and time in architecture and dance. Poolplay is the creative process in which the Pool Players will present their research in form of a performance in the empty swimming pool of the Hotel Sole Paradiso. What they show with the dance of time and the architecture of light and material, will be crystallized on the interface of the swimming pool and the unknown – designed through their creativity!

WEARABLE CREATIONS are big in New Zealand, with the famous show in Wellington, a Wearable Art Museum in Nelson and the local Wanaka Show:

A project I am currently involved in deals with SPACE-TIME. I will be the performer of an act in the Wanaka Wearable Arts, showing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2012. Two local artists designed an art piece called ‘Ready Salted’, a spaceship, which I will move through space-time, ……..being a Spaceship, an Alien and an Astronaut all at once. Plastic milk bottles, potato crisp packages ‘ready salted’, emergency blankets, plastic cups and kebab sticks have been used to create this piece. The Wearable Arts Wanaka will show at the Wanaka Hall and tickets are selling fast! This is Kate & Theresa’s last show with 24 acts on stage…… it will be AMAZING!!