A Christmas Dance

I’m going through a phase of de-cluttering and simplifying my life. At the height of the Christmas consumerism period I experience the biggest joy when I create some new empty space. I keep walking past the newly created empty space and feel the space and freedom. Very liberating!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a small art collection, of other artists, friends work and my own. I keep at least one work from each major phase in my painting life. This is one of my earliest works, watercolor on wallpaper. I had joined an evening painting class during my last years a high school. We had a great teacher, he taught about the fun and play in painting and he used to belief one can paint with anything, be it jam and mustard.

When I first came to New Zealand I worked mainly with oil stick paints on board. Initially I worked on the flat deck of an old truck on the farm, later in a studio at the Queenstown art center. This little painting features from my early days in New Zealand and breaking away from the ‘old world experience’ time of my life. The body and mind – always needing to work and evolve together – disintegrate and redefine itself.



This little painting is from a period much later in my artist career when I experimented with candle wax and gold leaf. The body and mind is much more fluid in his movement after years of vigorous  practice of the different skills in life. Orange now dominates the scene.

Last night I went to a party with some nice music and great dancing going on. Great timing for a dance: Solstice and Christmas are only a few days away!

Invite yourself and friends to a special Christmas Dance…… give some time and space!