Architect – Artist – Athlete: what gets you moving and what motivates

This art work of a 8 year old in the children’s sculpture section of the ‘Art in a Garden’ exhibition in the Flaxmere Gardens, NZ appealed to me on an artistic, architectural and athletic level. Since I cycled solo 3000km through Patagonia last summer, I have a close attachment to any bike parts and got to know every link of my bike chain quite well. Working in the architect’s field and renovating houses I got to appreciate diggers and as an artist I always was drawn to scrap yards making art works out of old metal bits.

There was another sculpture in the children’s section which moved me. It’s a representation of the now destroyed Christchurch Cathedral. The child’s family used to go there for Christmas and he even put a tree inside….I guess he is concerned about what will happen this Christmas….