Butterfly Express….destination Hong Kong

My Exhibition at Amisfield Winery at Lake Hayes, Queenstown is going extremly well. Lots of good comments, publicity, a new gallery representing me and SALES.

The most exiting event is the Butterflies departure to Hong Kong. The four of them are on their way as an ensemble as we speak. An Architect from Hong Kong bought them to feature at a contemporary Early Learning Center he designed and which is due to open in a weeks time.

I’m very pleased about this, as my first internship as an architect student was in Hong Kong and one of the five head architects of the office at the time told me one of the most influential things for my life: I was about to go travelling instead of staying on working at the office and he advised me to look at everything with eyes wide open and make the most of this special time travelling. He himself never studied architecture, but learned all he knew from travelling the world. Well, he now is one of five directors of an architecture office employing 500 people!

The four Butterflies on take of……

They  had to make an immediate departure and left the center wall free for a new display. They have been replaced by four paintings out of my new series I am working on at the moment called ‘Alpitecture’.

I spent last June and July 2011 in Europe visiting my family and exploring the Alps. I mainly spent time in the Dolomites, Berner Oberland (Switzerland) and in the Bavarian Alps of course, my home stomping grounds. I love the little huts dotted around the hills there. Some of them inhabited many  functioning as farm buildings only, some abandoned, all of them I love in their inherent beauty of history and unique style, a mixture of solid materials, a little bit of magic and surrounded by a stunning landscape. Something to be said about vernacular architecture and fitting the landscape. The Alps wouldn’t be the same without these beautiful adobes.

This week also has been very exiting as I got to experience my work through the eyes of a professional Photographer, who is working on …….call it a surprise??

WOW… he saw a multitude of art works in one single painting of mine!

Check out his work at www.wanaka.tv

I hope to get some photos from him soon to uped my website…thou watch out and keep checking in:)