AMISFIELD Winery Exhibition FEB 2013

It’s been a while… Christmas and New Year celebrations are a distant memory and summer has unfolded in its full array of colors. Days are long and warm, but I still can’t manage to fit in all the things I want to do. Beside the summer distractions I have been working hard on a new exhibition which opened at the Amisfield Winery, lake Hayes, Queenstown last Monday, 4th of February 2013.

The title of the exhibition ‘An architectural journey through Vineyards and Mountains’ refers to my passion for architecture and nature – the human touch on the natural world. It features historic cottages in the hills, architectural designed houses in vineyards, and emergency recovery after the earthquake…..three recurring themes in my life.

an architectural journey in the mountains


The Exhibition will run till beginning of March 2013 and is a joint exhibition with local artist Lola Lagoon. The space is managed by the Artbay Gallery, Queenstown which also represents me as an artist and has some of my work on display. The Amisfield Winery is a great space, excellent food and has a nice ambiance…..a great dining experience all round and complemented by some fine visual arts of the local creative crowd:)


Last years show of my work at Amisfield Winery was a great success. I hope for a similar result this year and would like to invite you to come and have a look for yourself. To give you an idea of the works shown I will list them below, but bare in mind that because of their textural quality they need to be seen in flesh to unravel their magic.Cottage with Red Roof in the Vineyards, 1200x770Liquefaction, Powercut and Red Roof, 1200x300Liquefaction and Gaps 1220x300



‘Ready Salted’ and other delights

The Wanaka Wearable Arts Creations Show 2012 was a huge success. With great enthusiasm, energy and effort many local artist created some amazing acts and wearable creations. ‘Wearable’ stands for any garment that can be worn, suitable for wear or able to be worn. ‘Creation’ is the act or process of creating, something that has been brought into existence or created, especially a product of human intelligence or imagination. It’s also the whole universe, including the world an all things in it, or simply an unusual or striking garment or hat.

It’s truly astonishing what materials people choose to use to create garments:

Our performance act called ‘Ready salted’, made of milk bottles, plastic cups, kebab sticks, emergency blanket and chip packs by Lorraine and Anne-Marie was mesmerizing the way it caught the light. This creation was influenced by last centuries low tech Sci-Fi movies. The music was compiled by Lorraine and was a lot of fun to move through space.

SPACE and TIME….. designed by architecture, art and dance

There has always been an enriching and inspiring exchange between the two disciplines of art and architecture. However, conflict and tension often arise when artists take on tasks in the sphere of the built world, something frequently perceived as interference within a profession, which architects all too readily claim for themselves. One of my favorite artist/architects is Maya Lin, somehow what I would call an ARTITECT, has succeeded in both disciplines and in amalgamating the two in space and time.

Architecture and art consist in space and time, while dance moves through space and time and therefor can be described as a collaborative method for an art in ‘space and time’. Now I was somewhat exited to have come across an innovative young office from Germany working with space and time in architecture and dance. Poolplay is the creative process in which the Pool Players will present their research in form of a performance in the empty swimming pool of the Hotel Sole Paradiso. What they show with the dance of time and the architecture of light and material, will be crystallized on the interface of the swimming pool and the unknown – designed through their creativity!

WEARABLE CREATIONS are big in New Zealand, with the famous show in Wellington, a Wearable Art Museum in Nelson and the local Wanaka Show:

A project I am currently involved in deals with SPACE-TIME. I will be the performer of an act in the Wanaka Wearable Arts, showing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2012. Two local artists designed an art piece called ‘Ready Salted’, a spaceship, which I will move through space-time, ……..being a Spaceship, an Alien and an Astronaut all at once. Plastic milk bottles, potato crisp packages ‘ready salted’, emergency blankets, plastic cups and kebab sticks have been used to create this piece. The Wearable Arts Wanaka will show at the Wanaka Hall and tickets are selling fast! This is Kate & Theresa’s last show with 24 acts on stage…… it will be AMAZING!!


Featured Artist in the ‘ON Magazine’ Wanaka

The Wanaka ‘On Magazine‘ is printed quarterly and taps into the cultural heartbeat of our community: events, profiles, stories, photos, art, sport, food, wine, travel and local knowledge, all wrapped up in one slick stylish and eco-friendly street zine. Best of all – it’s free! This spring edition features four local artists and I am one of them. I feel quite honored as there are so many talented people in the area. Check out:

Since I’m back in NZ I have been busy setting up my new studio at home, now working from my sleep out. It’s a great place, only a few kilometres from town in a small rural community with lots of inspiring people around me. It’s got great views….and I am so easy distracted!  It’s bigger but more delicate and I wont be able to splash around paint….though have to come up with a different medium and technique. I also have my property for sale……should you not be interested in art, but a beautiful place to live! It’s often the artist seeking out the beautiful places and than other people follow….and eventually it gets unaffordable for us to live! Now is a good time to buy with the market kicking back into action and properties selling fast….even in Hawea Flat! Check out my Trade Me listing now.

Please come and visit any time if you interested in viewing my art or my property. I currently have got quite a few paintings at home and offer great discounts to make some room for new creations. Nothing better than buying direct from the artist!!

And just to show you some of the great distractions of the area….collecting visual inspirations for my next series of work:

My favorite companions:


Italian Mountains, Art and Architecture

Tessin, the Italian part of Switzerland functions like a Swiss clockwork in Italian style. We entered via the Gotthard Pass and checked out the newly renovated Hospice, now a modern Hiker’s Hotel. The Tessin region has some beautiful valleys to explore, mountains to be climbed, lakes and rivers to swim in. The Verzasca Valley is a stunning place offering a multi day high mountain trek along a ridge line. We were amazed to find the huts empty and stocked with beer, wine and food, all based on a honesty system. It was like walking into someone’s home! Hard to believe this works in a place so well populated like Europe and what an example to the world!

After this little warm up we crossed the border into Italy, the region of Valtellina, and went to Valmasino and Val di Mello, ‘Butterfly valley’. Just the name would want me to go there. I love butterflies, paint them, called my bike Mariposa, and am generally fond of them, as they are a symbol for passion. What else does one need to know! It’s a valley well known to climbers for its shear granite walls, but otherwise mainly very popular for day trippers from Milan. Yet it has a lot to offer: luxurious hot thermal springs with healing attributes, a crystal clear river to swim in, a cute little village, the best Pizzaria, day walks and a multi day high alpine trek called ‘Sentiero Roma‘. I attempted it a few years ago, but too much snow had stopped me and I made a vow to come back one day.

Mission completed and we carried on to the Dolomites, visiting the Basilica della Madonna de Tirano on the way. She is known for healing many sick people, so I lit a candle for a friend. We than drove over the Passo de Stelvio with great views to the Ortler Mountains and visited the Messner Mountain Museum Ortles in Sulden, which is all about snow and ice. I have been twice before to his MMM Firmian Museum in Bolzano and love the synthesis of modern and old architecture, art and culture. He’s as much an artist/architect as a mountaineer and a businessman. We made a point of also visiting the MMM Ripa at the Bruneck Castle, dedicated to the mountain people of the world.

And of course in the Dolomites there are plenty of via ferratas to climb and blessed with a week of fine weather we managed quite a few of the harder ones…not without a few coffee and beer stops, as well as some culture and history thrown in.

Bolzano is a great place to stay, a lovely town to explore and centrally placed to access the different regions of the Dolomites. Only a short distance away we visited the Plattner Bee Museum and I learned a lot about these little creatures: the bee can sense the magnetic field of the earth and from there determine the time of the day. They have a dance floor of about 100cm2 at the entrance of the hive to communicate via vibrations the destination of the food source, etc… Humans only would survive about 4 years should the bee disappear. Another place worth visiting in Bolzano is the new Salewa Headquarters and climbing wall.

We left Italy via the Timmelsjoch, once a smugglers road and a mule track, linking the Passeiertal valley and the Ötztal valley. Architectural sculptures located at several stopping places along the road, enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region….expanding our horizon. I also learned that the substances deep embedded in Swiss pine (Zirbel) wood, typical for this area, reduce our heart frequency. That in turn increases our physical and mental abilities. If we sleep in a bed made of Swiss pine, our heart is saved some 3500 beats, the equivalent of an hours work, every single night. It also has antibacterial properties and fights of mould.

Rendez-vous with GAUDI and DALI

It’s been a long time since I wanted to return to Barcelona, a city which got it all: the sea, the mountains close by and CULTURE….. crazy artists, great museums and monuments, old and contemporary architecture, tapas and wine, sunshine, etc…. all imbued with Spanish attitude and flair. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world!!

I think the best way to see and experience a city requires a good pair of walking shoes and a lot of stamina……but there always is SIESTA and MANANA in Spain!

And as always it’s the textures and layers of time in a city that mesmerize my.

And of course Barcelona wouldn’t be what it is without Antony GAUDI, the visionary Architect which started the most important building of this century….the Sagrada Familia. The construction of this gigantic cathedral of the modern days was started mid last century by Gaudi and is still in construction, now under a New Zealand project manager….still only about 60% built so far. It’s one of the rare buildings which give me the shivers and a great WWWOOOWWW effect, totally absolutely stunning!! I have last seen it about 10 years ago, but since than the roof went on and totally transformed the place. How fantastic to witness the progression of such an amazing piece of art and architecture.

He used Biomimicry in his architectural language years before anyone ever heard about it, modeling the structure on nature’s way of building. Walking into the cathedral is like walking into a forest transformed by light. He also contributed to the city with many of his apartment buildings, houses and the Park Guell.

Another encounter was with Salvador DALI, first on the coast in his private house in Cadaques, than in his palace/museum in Figueres. He is another amazingly creative personality, way ahead of his time, experimenting with illusions and blurring the line between reality, fiction and fantasy in art. I really enjoyed visiting his private house in Cadaques which gave a more intricate experience of his personality. He experimented on many levels and left behind a huge oevre of fine arts and jewelry.

Dali: ‘The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.’


Small House Designs

I love painting big scale, but got a deep passion for small house design. Having a big white canvas comes with all the connotations of new beginnings, but it is overall a great challenge! And that’s only the start…’s fun having all that space to explore and a huge sense of freedom overcomes me when I can go wild. I always wanted to go real big and had an attempt a few years back….but had to take the public bus to deliver it to the gallery in the next town. It just wouldn’t fit into my truck. I now only do big scale paintings on commission, as the logistic are otherwise just to complicated and costly. Now, that I’ve got a very small studio, I struggle even on my normal ‘big’ size paintings, but enjoyed working on a series of small size house design works…..exploring different variations on one small hut design. My favorite is the little red hut, the material oozing character, just like a well weathered backcountry hut or beach batch. It’s that piece of material, which revealed to me the artistic talent of my grandmother.








ART Exhibition extended till end of March!

Due to its huge success and good sales my art exhibition at Amisfield Winery, Lake Hayes, Queenstown has been prolonged for another month, till the end of March.

For those of you who haven’t had time yet to view the exhibition, this is your chance to get a real glimpse of what I do, those who have been can enjoy another look and those thinking of buying a piece of my art better get in before it’s all sold out!

Most of the sold work has been replaced with new works, as they get sent off to their destinations around the four corners of the globe immediately, postage included in the price! Though even the exhibition has been up for an extended time, it stays fresh and always changing….another reason to go for a glass of wine!

Alpitecture: Alps – Architecture – Art

I have a strong passion for huts and alpine shelters…. small structures in extreme places. The effect of the environment on the materials used and the weathering produced is of extreme beauty to me and tell a story of time and place. The shelters themselves are a synonym for security from and exposure to the elements. They stand for ‘time out and recharge the batteriers’, a simple life away from the clutter filling our daily routines. In Europe they are often referred to as refuge or refugio, …how well suited is that!

When first I came to New Zealand to write the thesis for my architecture degree I had no plan. I picked up a map of the South Island and was intrigued by the graphic representation of Fiordland….what else was there to write about than huts? I picked the most remote location in an already remote national parc and set to work. This was the beginning of a life long love affair with small structures in extreme places.

I love the fading colors of painted or rusted corrugated iron used in many New Zealand huts as much as the beautiful natural tones of timer, stone and plaster in the European shelters. The European Alps have a long tradition of alpine architecture, with a variety of regional styles, initally built for farm purposes and now for tourisme alike. New Zealand’s back country huts often look back on a history of hunting and forestry work instead. 

My new series of paintings called ‘Alpitecture’ are inspired by having spent quite a lot of time in both alpine environments. I am trying to recall the colors and textures of the simple structures, the glow of the air and the magnificence of the surroundings without being precise in any way. Like a very distant but very vivid memory of time and place in a different dimension. It’s more about capturing the feeling of the moment, a very intuitive experience.



Butterfly Express….destination Hong Kong

My Exhibition at Amisfield Winery at Lake Hayes, Queenstown is going extremly well. Lots of good comments, publicity, a new gallery representing me and SALES.

The most exiting event is the Butterflies departure to Hong Kong. The four of them are on their way as an ensemble as we speak. An Architect from Hong Kong bought them to feature at a contemporary Early Learning Center he designed and which is due to open in a weeks time.

I’m very pleased about this, as my first internship as an architect student was in Hong Kong and one of the five head architects of the office at the time told me one of the most influential things for my life: I was about to go travelling instead of staying on working at the office and he advised me to look at everything with eyes wide open and make the most of this special time travelling. He himself never studied architecture, but learned all he knew from travelling the world. Well, he now is one of five directors of an architecture office employing 500 people!

The four Butterflies on take of……

They  had to make an immediate departure and left the center wall free for a new display. They have been replaced by four paintings out of my new series I am working on at the moment called ‘Alpitecture’.

I spent last June and July 2011 in Europe visiting my family and exploring the Alps. I mainly spent time in the Dolomites, Berner Oberland (Switzerland) and in the Bavarian Alps of course, my home stomping grounds. I love the little huts dotted around the hills there. Some of them inhabited many  functioning as farm buildings only, some abandoned, all of them I love in their inherent beauty of history and unique style, a mixture of solid materials, a little bit of magic and surrounded by a stunning landscape. Something to be said about vernacular architecture and fitting the landscape. The Alps wouldn’t be the same without these beautiful adobes.

This week also has been very exiting as I got to experience my work through the eyes of a professional Photographer, who is working on …….call it a surprise??

WOW… he saw a multitude of art works in one single painting of mine!

Check out his work at

I hope to get some photos from him soon to uped my website…thou watch out and keep checking in:)