Time has been getting away on me….AGAIN! The exhibition went well and produced some good sales and lots of interest in follow ups. Once the exhibition was over I concentrated on my next project which was a trip to Bali for a Hoop Dance workshop. A friend sold me a Hulla Hoop a while ago and I was immediately intrigued. Dance and yoga is as much part of me as art and architecture, and what a great way to combine the two. Also it wasn’t as easy as I remembered from when I was a little girl, but luckily the size and weight of a beginner Hoop has increased quite a lot since and therefore I was soon able to spin it round the waist and bring it up to the chest….all looking a bit uncoordinated to start of!

I found quite a few tutorials on you tube which helped me to get going and than came across a web site which offered a Hoop Dance retreat in Bali: Sacred Circularities. I didn’t have to think twice and signed up…..and I managed to get a free flight through my air points collected for many years! I love how that works:) It was ment to BE! I had the best time! We first went to the Gili Islands for some tropical beach time, than rented a couple of scooters to explore the south coast of Lombok Island and than we headed to Ubud, Bali for a week of movement meditation and Hoop Dance. It was love on first sight…..with my hoop. The retreat accommodation and surroundings were absolutely stunning, the teachers sublime, the teachings fantastic and the group super enthusiastic, which all lead to an amazing energy being created. What a pleasure, how fun and what a great experience to have….I feel blessed!

P1120225 P1120255 P1120278 P1120312 P1120328P1120362 P1120385 P1120417P1120430 P1120479 P1120491 P1120503  small sizeBali's Mother Temple at the new year's ceremonyP1120575


                                            Why Hooping?

Hoop dance workshop

‘We use the hoop to create spin; a circular force in the universe and in our lives, that produces energy. With the power of our hearts, we channel that energy into pure joy and creativity. The channeling process is fueled less by the mind and more by the heart. Indeed, hooping is part of an alchemical recipe that alters and transforms our bodies, minds, and spirits toward positive projection/expression whether we are mentally aware of it or not. All we have to do is commit to the practice. Get in the Hoop. Step on the Mat. Open your heart. Stillness. Movement. Breath. This is one of the ways that hula hooping relates to other mind-body-spirit practices like yoga, ecstatic dance, and tai-chi. When you feel this force, and it begins to work on you, the impossible becomes possible.’ Excerpt from the Sacred Circularities Newsletter 12.20.11

And I finally got a dance partner……my HOOP!

And the Hoop will also come onto my next trip…..America Latina by bike! Well…. I’m already there, in Cartagena, Colombia. I will catch up in a few days. Hasta pronto!

SPACE and TIME….. designed by architecture, art and dance

There has always been an enriching and inspiring exchange between the two disciplines of art and architecture. However, conflict and tension often arise when artists take on tasks in the sphere of the built world, something frequently perceived as interference within a profession, which architects all too readily claim for themselves. One of my favorite artist/architects is Maya Lin, somehow what I would call an ARTITECT, has succeeded in both disciplines and in amalgamating the two in space and time.

Architecture and art consist in space and time, while dance moves through space and time and therefor can be described as a collaborative method for an art in ‘space and time’. Now I was somewhat exited to have come across an innovative young office from Germany working with space and time in architecture and dance. Poolplay is the creative process in which the Pool Players will present their research in form of a performance in the empty swimming pool of the Hotel Sole Paradiso. What they show with the dance of time and the architecture of light and material, will be crystallized on the interface of the swimming pool and the unknown – designed through their creativity!

WEARABLE CREATIONS are big in New Zealand, with the famous show in Wellington, a Wearable Art Museum in Nelson and the local Wanaka Show:

A project I am currently involved in deals with SPACE-TIME. I will be the performer of an act in the Wanaka Wearable Arts, showing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November 2012. Two local artists designed an art piece called ‘Ready Salted’, a spaceship, which I will move through space-time, ……..being a Spaceship, an Alien and an Astronaut all at once. Plastic milk bottles, potato crisp packages ‘ready salted’, emergency blankets, plastic cups and kebab sticks have been used to create this piece. The Wearable Arts Wanaka will show at the Wanaka Hall and tickets are selling fast! This is Kate & Theresa’s last show with 24 acts on stage…… it will be AMAZING!!


A Christmas Dance

I’m going through a phase of de-cluttering and simplifying my life. At the height of the Christmas consumerism period I experience the biggest joy when I create some new empty space. I keep walking past the newly created empty space and feel the space and freedom. Very liberating!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a small art collection, of other artists, friends work and my own. I keep at least one work from each major phase in my painting life. This is one of my earliest works, watercolor on wallpaper. I had joined an evening painting class during my last years a high school. We had a great teacher, he taught about the fun and play in painting and he used to belief one can paint with anything, be it jam and mustard.

When I first came to New Zealand I worked mainly with oil stick paints on board. Initially I worked on the flat deck of an old truck on the farm, later in a studio at the Queenstown art center. This little painting features from my early days in New Zealand and breaking away from the ‘old world experience’ time of my life. The body and mind – always needing to work and evolve together – disintegrate and redefine itself.



This little painting is from a period much later in my artist career when I experimented with candle wax and gold leaf. The body and mind is much more fluid in his movement after years of vigorous  practice of the different skills in life. Orange now dominates the scene.

Last night I went to a party with some nice music and great dancing going on. Great timing for a dance: Solstice and Christmas are only a few days away!

Invite yourself and friends to a special Christmas Dance…… give some time and space!



Why Do YOU Dance?

“Maybe you take yoga class or wiggle around when your foot is asleep, or perhaps you’re a former professional ballerina or a current hip-hop dancer, or maybe you burn up the floor at the club every weekend or dance alone in your room with the radio on…everyone dances in one way or another….”

I was sent to ballet when I was a young girl, because I used to walk pigeon toed. I wasn’t very flexible as a kid either, even a bit clumsy and chubby….and therefore had to stand in the rear row on any public performance. It wasn’t love on first sight! Not till some years later, during my last years of high school, I started taking dance classes in Contemporary and African style, and during my university years in Paris I spent more time at the dance school than at University. I got offered to join a group performance, but never committed to it. Than I spent six months in Cuba and discovered a whole new dimension of dance. In Cuba dance is part of daily life. When I moved to the countryside in New Zealand there was no dance at the time, and in my desperation I took up Yoga, which again broadened my horizon. I became quite obsessed with yoga and engaged teaching it for a short time. But I miss dancing and finally got the opportunity to join a 5 Rythms workshop in Christchurch with Julie Forsey: http://www.5rhythms.co.nz/teachers/julie-forsey/

This weekend was a great journey and I feel very liberated, full of positive energy and free like a butterfly. Dance is just another form of creative expression, another form of visual art. Dance is also art in space, three dimensional art, similar to sculpture or sculptural architecture.  As an Artitect I’m as much obsessed with space as an Artist with creative expression, and dance is a great way to play with both.

I dance because: I need to feel again and again like flying.

paintings I am working on at the moment

Words can not express why I dance. So, I dance- to express the words I can not speak. I don’t have a great verbal vernacular, however, my movement speaks for me. I dance because sometimes words just aren’t enough!

‘Dancing is not so much a choice to me as a need. When one is thirsty, one drinks water. When I hear music, my body naturally starts moving because this is what it needs to do to stay alive.’

I dance because it makes my entire body smile.

‘I’ve never felt anything so fulfilling on both a spiritual and physical level as dancing. Inside a framework of technique, there is absolute freedom of expression. What elevates dance above other art, to me, is its ability to engage viewers just as powerfully as performers on both levels. The best dance engages the mind and the imagination as well as the body.’

Because it makes me happy – it’s the expression of life!

‘I dance because there is something inside me that wants out – it wants to move and express and be beautiful and feel good. Dance allows me to be free and creative.’

‘I dance because dancing integrates, expands, challenges, and celebrates every aspect of my being – mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.To dance is to breathe, it is therapeutic.  How fortunate I’ve been to dance! ”

‘Dance is magical it generates beauty, being beautiful because of dance is one of the things I most love being.’

‘Movement is life and part of the definition of life. When I do not move, I feel less alive, like my breath is stopped. I am compelled to move, it does not feel like a choice. Dancing is an expression of one’s physicality, ideas, and emotions, and extends energy into space.’
‘Or maybe you dance because the doctor’s told you you never would again…who wouldn’t take on that challenge!?’

Body Alignment

I went to a fabulous birthday party a couple of days ago and danced a lot…. Loved it. Natty cat and her friend Ben were playing and the music was just too good to stop dancing. The theme was ‘furry and formal’ and even though I had a choice of dresses I could were, I didn’t have any shoes!! Not true, I got 2 pairs of runners, 2 pairs of bike shoes, climbing boots, trekking boots, Flip flops, Crooks etc…..and I got one pair of fancy boots with a small heel. Very comfortable to walk and stand around in….and quite good to dance in. But my knee, which I was operated some time ago, started hurting sometime during the night on the dance floor…..  I had danced a lot on a previous party and had had no problem, as I was dancing in flat shoes or even barefoot at the time. But since I was formal I didn’t get out of my boots….should have worn my furry slippers instead!

Well, the next day I could hardly walk.

Now this makes me think!!!!! High heels must be just incredible bad for our body! It changes the allignment of the forces going through the knee and different points than normal get stressed. These are not used to take these forces and eventually give in. Scary!  WOW…..and why do we wear them?

In Yoga we look a lot into alignment of the body and try adjusting it for the forces to travel freely, to avoid pain and harm to the body.

I don’t even like wearing heels …..