Art Works


At the start of my carrier as an artist I explored through my art human impressions, their energies and the way these related to each other. Living in Paris, people watching and the complex world of what is going on behind the scene fascinated me. I often wandered the streets at night wondering what subconscious lives where taking place in the dreams of people stacked up on top of each other in their small apartments. Through the use of circles and movements I captured these fleeting moments of insight (green painting at far left). A couple of sailing trips to the islands resulted in a series of yacht paintings, and an inquiry into the physics of water and wind. These were extremely popular. It was much later on that I moved into abstract landscapes (yellow autumn trees at Arrowtown), which seemed to be an obvious progression living in the mountains and spending more and more time in the great outdoors of New Zealand. I was surrounded by the wonders of the natural world and progressively moved on to vineyards, glaciers and finally back to architecture. The circle is complete.

I always was drawn to the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and love things which have a story to tell and some character to show. There is a lot to be said for the RRR in a time of ‘throw away culture’ and a planet which is rebelling against the exploits of mankind. There is an inherent beauty in loved and cared for items, not only out of poor necessity, but also out of respect of the planet and a personal pride. And these items become rare. I often pick up random pieces of rusty metal on my walks in the countryside and mountains, some old wall paper from a cottage renovation or half a century old mended, faded fabrics from my grandmother, just to name a few. These than somehow integrate into the art works acting as metaphors for an old cottage, a farm shed or a rusty alpine shelter, which in itself are symbols for a simple and rich life experience.

My work is a lot about textures and layering to create a depth of perception not otherwise percieved: the thoughtful minimalist paintings draw the viewer into the space between stillness and intensity. The fluid nature of the paints dances on the canvas, shadows and textures suggest depth, while vibrant colours bring luminosity.