Body Alignment

I went to a fabulous birthday party a couple of days ago and danced a lot…. Loved it. Natty cat and her friend Ben were playing and the music was just too good to stop dancing. The theme was ‘furry and formal’ and even though I had a choice of dresses I could were, I didn’t have any shoes!! Not true, I got 2 pairs of runners, 2 pairs of bike shoes, climbing boots, trekking boots, Flip flops, Crooks etc…..and I got one pair of fancy boots with a small heel. Very comfortable to walk and stand around in….and quite good to dance in. But my knee, which I was operated some time ago, started hurting sometime during the night on the dance floor…..  I had danced a lot on a previous party and had had no problem, as I was dancing in flat shoes or even barefoot at the time. But since I was formal I didn’t get out of my boots….should have worn my furry slippers instead!

Well, the next day I could hardly walk.

Now this makes me think!!!!! High heels must be just incredible bad for our body! It changes the allignment of the forces going through the knee and different points than normal get stressed. These are not used to take these forces and eventually give in. Scary!  WOW…..and why do we wear them?

In Yoga we look a lot into alignment of the body and try adjusting it for the forces to travel freely, to avoid pain and harm to the body.

I don’t even like wearing heels …..