La vie en rose….LA PROVENCE en Cote d’Azur

Well… it’s been a while since my last update and I will try to catch up and fill you in on what’s been happening: A LOT!! I’ve seen so much inspiring things and had some fantastic adventures, that after returning home I needed a wee while to settle back in and digest it all. I must admit that Wanaka felt a little small to start with…., but soon the lovely vibe of a wonderful place with a fantastic community had me enchanted again.

But lets look back where I left off:…..FRANCE, la Provence. We first visited my sailing friends. Once upon a time I sailed from NZ to New Caledonia with them in their 34ft boat ….and I was hooked. After living on a boat for more than a decade they now live on land, close to Aix-en-Provence, and renovate what they call a vertical boat, a 20m2 ‘Cabanon’ for their family of four. They are masters of the Tiny House Movement, the simple but good life.

We than visited my family’s luxury retreat in St Tropez. Two houses, one a modern renovation of a ‘Provencal’ stone house, the other a contemporary modern lodge, style ‘provencal’.  My father has done a fantastic job with the design and development of this place. He has a very good eye for design, uses only the best materials and enriches the spaces with his favorite artists work. I’m happy to spot a few of my works too! This place is a culmination of his experiences gained while building Art/Design Hotels in Germany. The gardens also need a special mentioning for their beauty. Both places are available for rent untill sold.

And France wouldn’t be France if not for the foods…., the choice of cheese, the markets and the pleasure of eating, etc…..yummy!!

St Tropez itself is famous for its fancy launches and yachts, as much as for the well known ‘Pamplona’ Beach, which Brigitte Bardot and many other famous people used to frequent and still do.

After a few days of indulgence we had to tear ourselves away from such luxury. We drove through the  ‘Gorge de Verdon’, a famous rock climbing area with stunning dramatic scenery and than entered the french Alpes….not before camping the last night in a lavender field!

More will follow soon……