Mud is awesome!

Last weekend I went to the Earth Building Conference in Peel Forest, NZ. There was a great variety of very interesting lectures from some very inspiring people:

Themes covered included  passive house systems, earth plaster, a very fancy looking Pallet House project, history of straw & earth, earthquake assesments, building codes, a sustainable success story, prefabricated straw bale wall systems, log homes and of course EARTH!

Properties visited included an artists family strawbale home, a lanscape designers strawbale studio & nursery, a beautiful garden, a timber log prefab yard, a timber life & love story, and a kiwi down to earth strawbale construction.


These photos are taken on the house tour:

Smartest veggie patch I’ve seen…and it doubles as an animal shelter. Grow your vegetables in comfort! This is a good example for Form follows Function = Beauty

The landscapes designer’s studio sits well in the landscape. This is a straw bale construction.

Controlled crackling on an interior earth plastered wall containing cement. The plaster has been sprayed with water daily for a week from application.

Earth Plaster and Tadelakt on the kitchen wall. The Lamps are made fully from recycled materials.

A light earth plaster and a red Tadelakt wall. Tadelakt is a bright, nearly waterproof lime plaster which can be used on the inside of buildings and on the outside. Tadelakt is a Beber word meaning to rub…..tactile architecture!!

An exposed concrete and a smooth concrete floor. The stones are a nice massage on the feet. Architecture for the senses!!

Earth walls and a simple bath mixer tap.

A designer heated towel rail.

Recycled heated towel rail.

Timber logs

Weathered log cabin.

Door handle: reuse, recycle and renew