Nina Conradi



 ARTITECT : nina conradi

Nina Conradi is an artist with an architect’s diplom. She studied architecture at the ‘Ecole d’architecture Paris-Villemin’, which was at the time located in the premises of the ‘Ecole des Beaux Artes’ in Paris. You could say she studied architecture in an art academy and that’s where things got a bit mixed up. But really…. most of her free time was spent in the dance studio, exploring different forms of creative expression through movement in space.

She’s born in Germany, but now is a New Zealander. She has been raised in the city, but now lives in the country. You could say she likes opposites, or she just wanted to get as far away as possible.

One semester spent in Cuba taught her about creative living, fuelled her love for dance and reset her priorities in life. 

She liked finger paints as a child….and prefers rollers to brushes now. She painted many houses….as an artist on canvas and as an artitect when restoring properties. 

One of her first jobs was to build fences on a high country station, there she discovered her love for high places and big skies. Exploring the great outdoors became her favorite pass-time.

Yoga became part of her life when things were a bit rough……and it’s now part of her daily routine. It’s a great gift.

She loves being her own boss, but loves even more working with like-minded people.

She became an ARTITECT, because she is passionate about the freedom in art and the beauty and function of space in architecture. 

She believes in Form follows Function = Beauty + Efficiency = Good Design

Freedom  is also explored through travelling the world, experiencing different cultures and through living her ideas and mind.

She has a body weather laboratory: her movement is inspired by close observation of weather and place….it’s a dance, the dance of life!

She has a great sensibility of touch and  has a passion for beautiful textures found in nature, in materials and in her paintings.

Simplifying her life is now her big goal, after travelling solo 3000km on her bike through Patagonia, from Villarica to Uschuaia.

In her art she translates physical sensations into color and texture. The dialogue between her markmaking and the canvas own raw marking is an ongoing response to the physical sensations in the body as affected by environment and mind. In this way, the history of the canvas and the history of the artist intermingle to create the present which you see before you.