NZ -Munich – Neumarkt – Berlin

It’s been a busy couple of months with some urgent and intense work turning up before leaving overseas and family gatherings since I’m back in Germany.

The exhibition at Amisfield Winery at Lake Hayes in Queenstown has finished and was a great success with half the paintings sold! The remaining paintings and many new ones are now available at Artbay Gallery in Queenstown. I’m also booked in for another show, same time same place next year……

There was a nice little synchronicity happening before leaving home: Kura Gallery in Taupo, NZ sold one of my paintings to a young couple from Munich, my birth town, and they where on a flight back to Munich with my painting just a day before me….How funny is that!!

I myself arrived in Munich just after easter and after a few days of acclimatization I traveled on my bike to Neumarkt/Opf, where my family is from. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my grandmother who creates the stunning ‘Lumpen’ and textile works and used to run a brewery. The Lammsbraeu brewery was our playground as kids and it was where I built my first Iive in houses, towers and castles out of upturned beer crates.

I was happy to see that the old sweet dispensers are still in use….they were always a high light on our way home from school and happily swallowed all our pocket money. The Rock Caves are an old traditional storage facility for potatoes and other goods before the era of refrigeration. They are common in this area because of its suitable geological grounds and I remember my grandma still using one to store her potatoes there for the winter when I was a child.

After some time spent in Neumarkt at my Uncles’s brewery where I enjoyed the good organic beer they make:                                 ….I travelled on to Berlin. I met up with my best friend from university-days in Paris. She now lives in Buenos Aires, but her and her partner work together with many artists in Berlin. I got to meet some of her friends and see a bit of Berlin – a fairly relaxed city. People make use of the public spaces to live their private lives and the lack of space doesn’t seem to bother them but inspire them to great creativity. It’s got the atmosphere of a huge village, a community which accepts their differences, as differences there are many. The city is full of individualists and artists, people from all corners of the world,….and of course the historic background has its part to play.