Rendez-vous with GAUDI and DALI

It’s been a long time since I wanted to return to Barcelona, a city which got it all: the sea, the mountains close by and CULTURE….. crazy artists, great museums and monuments, old and contemporary architecture, tapas and wine, sunshine, etc…. all imbued with Spanish attitude and flair. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world!!

I think the best way to see and experience a city requires a good pair of walking shoes and a lot of stamina……but there always is SIESTA and MANANA in Spain!

And as always it’s the textures and layers of time in a city that mesmerize my.

And of course Barcelona wouldn’t be what it is without Antony GAUDI, the visionary Architect which started the most important building of this century….the Sagrada Familia. The construction of this gigantic cathedral of the modern days was started mid last century by Gaudi and is still in construction, now under a New Zealand project manager….still only about 60% built so far. It’s one of the rare buildings which give me the shivers and a great WWWOOOWWW effect, totally absolutely stunning!! I have last seen it about 10 years ago, but since than the roof went on and totally transformed the place. How fantastic to witness the progression of such an amazing piece of art and architecture.

He used Biomimicry in his architectural language years before anyone ever heard about it, modeling the structure on nature’s way of building. Walking into the cathedral is like walking into a forest transformed by light. He also contributed to the city with many of his apartment buildings, houses and the Park Guell.

Another encounter was with Salvador DALI, first on the coast in his private house in Cadaques, than in his palace/museum in Figueres. He is another amazingly creative personality, way ahead of his time, experimenting with illusions and blurring the line between reality, fiction and fantasy in art. I really enjoyed visiting his private house in Cadaques which gave a more intricate experience of his personality. He experimented on many levels and left behind a huge oevre of fine arts and jewelry.

Dali: ‘The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.’