Small House Designs

I love painting big scale, but got a deep passion for small house design. Having a big white canvas comes with all the connotations of new beginnings, but it is overall a great challenge! And that’s only the start…’s fun having all that space to explore and a huge sense of freedom overcomes me when I can go wild. I always wanted to go real big and had an attempt a few years back….but had to take the public bus to deliver it to the gallery in the next town. It just wouldn’t fit into my truck. I now only do big scale paintings on commission, as the logistic are otherwise just to complicated and costly. Now, that I’ve got a very small studio, I struggle even on my normal ‘big’ size paintings, but enjoyed working on a series of small size house design works…..exploring different variations on one small hut design. My favorite is the little red hut, the material oozing character, just like a well weathered backcountry hut or beach batch. It’s that piece of material, which revealed to me the artistic talent of my grandmother.