Transformation Art

I just worked on some paintings which I started a few years ago. Most of my paintings grow with time and with me. It’s a layering of experiences, emotions and impressions. Very seldom I finish a painting first time round and if so I’m suspicious and find it hard to resist to overwork it. It’s like they need to gain depth of character by going through a few phases of tranformations. Often this process can take years.

This painting called ‘Approaching Front’, as in approaching weather, used to be called ‘One on One’ and told a different story than, which now features in the background and forms part of the current painting. This piece has been with me for years, and only now it reached its state of maturity. I’m really happy with it now….finally!








The left painting used to be called ‘Lepidoptera’, greek word for butterfly, but had to be renamed ‘This is a Butterfly’ as some people’s fantasies were greater than mine:) After my travels to Patagonia on my bike, which was named ‘Mariposa’, spanish for Butterfly, I reworked this painting, and it now is called ‘ Bike named “Mariposa”‘



‘Garden of Perception’ became ‘Biking changes Perception’




‘Turbidity of Matter’ became ‘Biking produces Clarity’




‘Lunar Craters’ became ‘Lunar Bike’


Portraits become Butterflies: 


A series of ‘Portraits’ transformes into Butterflies. The Portraits posted here are not necessarily the Butterfly species depicted here, as I don’t have pictures of all the Portraits and some Butterflies are still in the process of transformation.